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A home should reflect a person or family's personality and lifestyle. I've always been of the belief that any interior designer can go to the most expensive design showrooms and purchase expensive items for their clients.


It takes a true artist/designer to search for the perfect pieces that suit their client’s lifestyle and personality.  These items can be found anywhere, from an estate sale, consignment store, or any out of the way shop that I may visit on my travels.  My passion is to always be on the hunt for the perfect piece for my clients. 


I take pride in listening to my client's wants and needs, although they may not even know what those wants and needs are when we start the process. Perfection and warmth take time, but is it worth the wait.  

"A good designer decorates, a great designer listens..."





Angelia Block

Angelia Block

ATB Properties is a collection of vacation rental properties designed by Angie Block.  The properties are designed with relaxation and fun in mind.  "Vacation homes should be a bit quirky, visually pleasing, yet relaxing.  I take pride in making a memorable vacation for my guests".

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